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Embedded Systems - Internet of Things - Automated Testing

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Our Engineering Services

Firmware Development

The house speciality: bare-metal and FreeRTOS-based firmware development on popular microcontroller families such as the STM32, Cypress PSoC, AVR, EFR32 and ESP32. From small hacks to industrial-grade designs.

Ultra-Low Power Design

We offer strategic advice for designing ultra-low-power devices running on small batteries by efficiently duty-cycling the active state of the system and optimizing quiescent current down to the last µA.

Automated Testing

Going into production? We continuously maintain our own proprietary Automated Test Framework for PCB testing and product assembly in small and large-scale productions. Thousands of units pass on these testbenches monthly, in Belgium and abroad.


We can assemble proof-of-concepts in a few days to validate a new business or product idea.


Looking for a smooth transition from an idea to a working and certified product which can be mass-produced and reliably tested? We guide small companies through the entire process of industrialization.

Teardowns, Reverse-Engineering

Whether it be out of curiosity, a need for self-analysis, missing documentation or to gain insight on a competing system, we can assist you in full product tear-downs and reverse engineering.